How to Learn Discipline

The very first step to learning discipline is to know the reason as to why you are doing what you are doing. Then define the goals and make a plan. Once you have done it, stick to the plan. Do whatever you have planned consistently; no excuses are allowed here. Once you start to consistently do whatever the plan says, you will start to become disciplined. A journal would be the best bet.
Discipline is the foundation of all functional trading strategies. Without discipline, you will be harmed by the risks of active trading. These risks include fear, greed, and missed opportunity. Only by holding yourself accountable and remaining disciplined at all times will you be able to achieve your goals. The discipline is the ability to control that urge of greed when things go right for some time. Discipline is the courage to realise losses when it hits your stop loss levels. It is required to carefully monitor and evaluate the future and running trades on a daily basis.
Compared to trading, this is a lot more difficult. Keep track of your progress. Keeping a trading journal is a great way to keep track of your mistakes and how to fix them. Make a set of trading rules and stick to them at all costs.
Needless to say, discipline is an important factor that makes you a successful trader. Building a trading plan is not enough; you have to stick to it. Finding a good trade is not enough; you have to build your strategy around it. Knowing about risks is not enough; you have to come up with a risk management plan.
If you’ve started maintaining a trading journal, you’re already working on yourself to get better, so give it some time. Continue to be patient and keep learning. Try to change your plan. Reduce the daily trade count. Make a strategy to reduce risk. Just keep trying until you get better!
Depending on your personality, discipline can take a lot of time and practice.
Having an office with your rules written on the wall helps a lot I find. Look at them every trading day.
Have you tried to apply the discipline to your everyday life to see if it will correlate in your trading as well? It helped me to start being more disciplined with eating, working out, spending money wisely, etc. I felt like my brain kind of switched over.
It’s not just trading that will teach you discipline. But your normal life has more impact on how disciplined you are. Try to maintain discipline in doing regular day to day activities like exercising, working on something, and even with your eating routine. This will help you a lot with your trading.
Discipline will naturally develop as you grow. If you take trading seriously and with passion, the chances are that you will become disciplined. You can follow a routine and add a little more as that routine continues to be a part of your life. Doing too many things at once leads to failure. That is why focusing on a particular thing first is important to develop discipline. Start by learning first and then add other elements to that reading.

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