How to buy a diversified mutual funds

I am new to mutual funds and i am confused in buying a mutual fund. There are many mutual funds offered by different financial institutions and i want to invest my money in a diversed porfolio. This is my investment scheme.

Baroda Pioneer Growth (G)          5000 rs
Reliance Equity Oppor - RP (G)     5000 rs
HDFC Income Fund (G)               5000 rs
UTI Bond Fund (G)                  5000 rs
Sundaram Flexi Inc-STP-IP (G)      5000 rs
where should i buy this diversed porfolio? any online buying/selling platform for mutual funds are available?. whether we have to go to parent institution to buy its portfolio (eg:for HDFC Income Fund (G) we have to go to HDFC bank) or else is their any one platform for buying/selling mutual funds(preferable online).

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