1. V

    How to identify buy and sell signal

    Hi All, I am new here, kindly help me to understand that how can we judge for fake buy and sell signal in Amibroker.
  2. V

    Where can I buy NSE Options Historical Data for SBI

    Hello friends, I want historical options data (end of day) for State Bank of India. I need past three/four years data. I need current month expiry data only. For example: As on today (21.08.2016) three options data is available for SBI...
  3. P

    Buy order failed

    I am young and new to stock market. Hope someone can help or make me understand. I wanted to place an order for Kansai Nerolac Paints from, but when ever i do i receive this message "Price entered by you is beyond the price range permitted by exchange.:Please modify your price...
  4. N

    How to buy a diversified mutual funds

    I am new to mutual funds and i am confused in buying a mutual fund. There are many mutual funds offered by different financial institutions and i want to invest my money in a diversed porfolio. This is my investment scheme. Baroda Pioneer Growth (G) 5000 rs Reliance Equity Oppor -...
  5. devinchopra

    Solve my predicament

    I am new to the share market, I am having trouble understanding placing orders - particularly Stoploss Limit and Limit. I have an account with Zerodha and their service is nice, but still I am unable to wrap my head around a question. I would like to consider myself as a Swing Trader and I...
  6. K

    Best 5 stocks

    Hi Experts, Any AFL , to explore below, at any given timeframe: 1) Best 5 stocks to short 2) Best 5 stocks to buy Thanks.
  7. G

    PTST ODIN Order

    Dear Sir/Madam, Can someone please explain me how to place buy, stop loss and sell orders in ODIN. I don't want to separate the buy step from sell. I want to execute an order of buy, stop loss and sell orders according to pivot points. Thanks in advance for any one who throw some light...
  8. arun_mathaiyan

    IPO Grey Market - How it works?

    Could someone explain how is the below scenario exists in real time? I read some comments saying the grey market price of an IPO share. Selling & Buying the IPO application in grey market? And how does this transaction takes place? Thanks in Advance for your time. Thanks amat
  9. F

    NIIT Tech

    Dear All, After weeks of laziness NIIT Tech has shown some movement and counter is fluctuating between 188 - 195. I am holding this stock from past 6 months with buying price of 188. As the results are going to be announced on 5th May shall i sell the counter before results between 188 -...
  10. R

    Reviews & Tips

    Good reviews and Tips will be put in this thread everyday. Follow it to earn. these will be delivery tips.
  11. V

    buy sell sigals in F chart

    can we get buy sell signals in F chart
  12. SavantGarde

    Stock FUTURES To Keep A Close Eye On

    'JAI BABA' Stock Futures (Positional) For 17th Aug 2009 NEW BUY / SELL TRIGGERS & FOLLOW-UP ______________________________________ NAME CMP SIGNAL S/L _______________________________________ AXISBANK 870.10 BUY 855.40 ICICIBANK 744.85 BUY 740.70 IDFC 137.60 BUY...
  13. V

    Stop Loss

    what does this mean? Buy XYZ at stop loss of Rs ###?
  14. SavantGarde

    Stocks To Keep A Close Eye On - Chapter II

    Link To Quadra Pivot AFL Written by ARV Quadra Pivot AFL Written by ARV Trading Organizer-IV Trading Organizer IV UPDATES: Anant's AFLs Anant's New SingleMA AFL
  15. V


    What do you expect to happen to Satyam & its stock? This assuming its being bought by eg IBM or other. If not it collapses I guess. What could its near & far future outlook look like
  16. Ganesh543

    What is the full form of BSE Index -> HC,CG,CD ?

    Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? I mean your favourite intraday stocks ..... Thanks Ganesh
  17. T

    INTRADAY 30th Jan

    Satyam buy 49.85 sl 43 target 57 ICICIbank buy 380 sl 375 taget 391 ZEEL sell 109 sl 112 target 101
  18. J

    Historical PEs of nifty companies and my indications

    Historical PEs of nifty companies and indications HI all, I am attaching the historical PE values of Nifty companies herewith. The PEs are compared with the current levels for screening of possible investment options based on the following assumptions. 1. I have looked into nifty...