How do patterns form?


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Can a triangle form by itself? I just don't get how price forms specific patterns. How does the whole market collaborate to form it. Doesn't this point to a Mathematics or some other science behind it. Still in Mathematics somebody needs to draw the shapes.


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This is all theoretical, probably no way to verify.
Certain patterns are properties of the markets, maybe due to how people/crowd works. Sometimes less people transact, sometimes more. Sometimes there is urgency, sometimes not based on news/emotions etc.
This then might create your simple consolidation and breakout patterns, trends and ranges, spikes and traps.

Also, as per a nice theory ( link in article, have not read directly), there is an ecosystem of market participants who are all trying to take money out of the markets in their own ways ( and others who fulfill some other need from the market ), and behavior of the market evolves as they compete.

Beyond that, we have an ability ( or disability .. ) to see patterns in noise. You can see patterns in clouds etc. Not all of those patterns may be real with an edge behind them.

An article after googling AdamGrimes + efficient markets :
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