Hi Friends !

Hi ! I'm Partha from Kolkata. I want to share my views with all of you. I have only 2 years of experience in share trading. I concentrate completely on intra-day trading only. Though I am absolutely failure since I started. I lost huge money as well as my confidence. Though I didn't lost my patience. During this period, I got a lot of practical lessons which probably I couldn't get through any tutorial classes from any expert. Whatever steps I taken for each trading was, only influences from newspaper, TV channels, Rumours or from experts's service through paid SMS service for long time. Now, I am realising, I played nothing but a blind game. So, I lost, since share trading is not gambling at all. Finally, I am trying to learn Technical Analysis, with study material from different sources and practising through TA softwares. Now, I am looking for the day when I will feel that I know something about the stock market and I can trade without anyone's help. I hope I will, otherwise I will quit forever! :rolleyes: Looking for your valuable comments and advise, please.
Hi Partha,
I welcome u for ur bold cofessions.Never think ina pesimistic way------THink of the losses u have made in the stk market as the tution fees u have paid during a learning curve-----If u always remember ur practical losses ,and try to think and rethink ur mistakes ,jot them in a diary and try to analyse it----u r bound to get a pattern of ur psycology --and determie the root cause of ur failures----Now that u have realised that---- Stk market is not a gambling place---but requires a full time dedication----and serious studies----will help u in futures--to an enormous extent---Also if u become more spiritual and learn to harness ur greed,---u r sure to become a very successful trader in the near mths----
By the way, I m from Kolkata too------and would be glad to help u in any way I can-----Keep ur good work of learning TA,and follow the trends in the market---


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Hi Partho,

You have mentioned technical analysis software, could you please elaborate on what software and how to go about it.

Would appreciate your inputs.

Kindly mail me at '[email protected]'

Besr regards

thank for your valuable confessions. I am also new to trading business, belong to day trading becoz it is more glamorous but lost huge money and have stopped trading. I am BCA graduate and looking for tutorials stuff. I would highly appreciate if you would help me.
I belong to U.P.
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