The enemies and friends from the US empire


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If ok for Traderji, I will post here some stuff which is about a nation which has in more than 70 countries ( soldiers stationed. About a nation which is the most agressive in the world and which is the ruler of Nato. A nation which has at least 140'000 soldiers in Pazific Ocean, include in Japan and all it wants is to win any kind of agression against Russia and China. The posts will spot on different topics, some older and some up today now. Topics officially available in Newspapers, TV, Net and so on. It is meant to be a reminder that not all what is presented in the mainstream media about them is to take as granted and not all approaches from them have to be measured as: Ah, the big friend from over the sea. Some initiatives are surely based on friendship, but many are not. But those many not even I will know at the time it happends instead the net will tell about it.

Today: They made war against them in Afganistan and now they accept them as new partners. The doku is a few years old and still gives a deper view on them:

- On the Front lines with the Talibans:

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Somehow shocking to see how the yankees soldiers, which have been brean washed bevore going to this war, speak about there experiment in those war. as if they did do it with any agreement with the United Nations Charta, instead did start a war which was completly against any rule in the UN. The war was build up on fake news and those poor minded fellows did fall in this honey trap to accept there dutys to kill people on this demands/ which the political elite of the empire demanded.

- Invading Irak



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Your post comes a bit to early, as I not even have done one turn around about what I wanted to show. It is not so easy to comunicate and show topics just on postings on the net. But I am sure you will understand this as you have gone through this in the past.

Tanks or not tanks are not a problem for ISIS which is protected from the Talibans in Afganistan. Do not understand me wrong, as this guys are higlyl dangerous and mad minded, but for them only sacrifying to there absolute mad ideology is the absolute thing. In the final run they do not care about tanks or what ever and they do not even care about lentils atoll. But they are some how protected from the Nation I mentioned earlier as they are not really interested to destroy them in the places you will see in the doku.

Q: Why do I think like that?

A: Listen to one of the last comments given in the doku and you will may come to the same conclusion.

- ISIL: Target Russia



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I think what he meant is that we expected mostly trading related posts here.
Never mind. Ok, I understand and then lets do so. Will not post in this thread any more, instead hope that some will take out some information on it and spread it somewhere else. So if you want to close this thread now, you are how ever free to do what ever you think you have to do. But kindly do not close the thread about Julian Assange, as this even is a topic for journalist in India and all over the world. :))
You want us to discuss something about US military here or what ? Please do explain what you really mean there really. I do not get you. For sure many many things US are doing wrong like latest wars for example starting probably after world war two.
I am highly doubt that the US do have many of the countries which want to follow along with it for many many years to come with this. How else we can go on with that ? I am not that sure even for example. US is much hated, maybe Trump will change that.

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