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I am new to this stock market. After browsing enough I landed into this wonderful forum. Few days back I was going through metastock software for technical and simple indicators and found amazingly good.
I have tried to study few codes and experimented with few mov averages code and formula. But got stuck with stochastics formula
Can anybody here(I am sure can) help me a bit in developing an explorer for stochastics crossover
1***%K....(time period...14/slowing....say Y)
2****%D...(time period....say X...not yet decided)

I want to get filter as stated
1****col A CLose(C)
2****crossover of fast from below to the slow
3****value of crossover

thanks in advance


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MS comes with few builtin explorers. Have u looked at "Equis - Stochastic Osc - Expert System" in explorer list..

I think this will give all the ideas to meet your requirement. The formula for stoch in MS is stoch( %K PERIODS, %K SLOWING ) where first period will Y, and second slowing period will be X for you requirement.

I haven't tried it so please blame me if it doesn't work. And if you don't find answer in this forum, EQUIS has very good user forum at their site. So try there..

Happy Trading.

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