afl code

  1. M

    Need AFL code for buying Call option. Please help I am stuck

    Hello everyone. I am new to AFL. Can anyone help me with the following code in AFL? Buy ATM Call option whenever the underlying short MA crosses above long MA?
  2. timircha

    licence amiquote and unlicensed amibroker can work on intraday

    I have purchased licensed version of amiquote and still i have unregistered amibroker, now I have some problem, so it is because of unregistered amibroker or there is some mistakes in my settings. first I can not start download I got an error, I have version of 3.23 amiquote licensed version...
  3. A

    Help with AFL coding please.

    Hi guys . I started technical day trading way back in 2007 for a year or so got good returns but had to switch to regular work (business) as I completed my engineering . Now for last one year I am again spending time as I am much settled in terms of business and feel day trading improved much...
  4. M

    AFL Codding Help

    I have AFL which is working fine for crude oil. out of 10 trades, 8 trades are targets hitting. I have code for place orders auto trades. the auto trade code is working fine with other AFL codes but the problem is in below algorithm the BUY and SELL Boolean value is not giving to IF condition...
  5. T

    AFL for volume of all the advancing stocks

    Hello everone, I have coded an AFL for sum volume of all advancing stocks. I am strugglig with getting the right output. Please help. below is the code a = Close < Open ; b = Sum (Volume,a); Buy = 0; Filter = 0; AddToComposite( b, "advol", "X" , 7); advvol = Foreign("advol", "C", True); Plot (...
  6. P

    why this code not working

    Hi, Can you help me why below code not working & why? _SECTION_BEGIN("MAX Moving Avg broke"); n=0; function fun_name(C,LB ) { LB=IIf(IsNull(LB),1,LB) OR IIf(LB<=0,1,LB); R=ValueWhen(Cross(MA(C,LB),C),HHV(H,LB),1); result=IIf(C>=R,LB,0); return result; } for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ ) {...
  7. G

    afl code - highest and second highest close between two dates

    hi, can any one help me to find out highest and second highest closing price between date range in amibroker ( afl coding). I truly appreciate your time and effort.
  8. S

    AFL for marking days first 15 mniute hikenashi cendal

    Hello forums mate i need a afl code which can marking days first 15 minute (9.15 to 9.30) high and low by line. i have that in my mt4.
  9. L

    I need AFL code to clip lines at the end of the day in intra day plots.

    I am new to AFL programming. I need code that will plot lines till the end of the day on intraday charts instead of continuous lines. For instance, today's pivot lines should start fresh without being linked to yesterday's lines. Please help me. Thanks in advanc
  10. P

    not traded stock & missing quote afl required

    Hi, need below afl exploration 1. to search not traded stocks , last date of available data, no of days its not traded compared to today's date. 2. missing quote for stock, date ,symbol, when compared to index stock i.e. Nifty Pls share if you have afl. Regards, P.
  11. pinpoint159

    Help Needed in AFL Amibroker

    Hi everyone, I am writing a code on Amibroker AFL and I got stuck :confused:. It looks simple but somehow I couldn’t solve it. Actually I want to draw Closing Price line on my intraday charts. It’s very easy to draw high and low, you can write, >> Plot (LastValue(TimeFrameGetPrice("High"...
  12. G

    AFL Code required for EMA based strategy

    Can anyone plz help me with AFL code for below strategy. 1. Buy/Sell: Close on 1 min chart crosses Dialy 13 EMA price. Target: 50 Points, SL: 20 Points 3. When 1st Buy/Sell signal generated, 2nd signal should come only either SL or TGT hit. 4. If SL hit, reverse the trade - Target: 25...
  13. wabuf

    AFL Popup script help

    Hi , i have written a strategy in afl but i dont know the code for popup message :confused: that will stay like 6 sec on screen and then goes away and this should be applicable to all the symbols .I want to use in intraday trading , its very difficult to scan each and every symbol during...
  14. S

    want afl modification

    Hello I already have AFL which can explore shares crossed previous day high before 9:45 AM. I am looking for AFL modification and the changes I need is 1. Shares should not touch below previous day high on before 10:15 AM. I means shares should not retrace after they crosses previous...
  15. Sagarocks432

    Timframe in Afl Function.

    Hello Guys, I am using following code for intraday scanning , it works fine. But when I want to use it for Daily , I am unable to code this please help. function MyMTFfunc( timeframe, expandmode ) { TimeFrameSet( timeframe ); a = StochK( periods = 14, ksmooth = 3 ); b =...
  16. N

    help me. AFL code to make "Blending Candlestick"

    Hi,,, i am looking for AFL code to make "Blending Candlestick". conbine three candlestick-->one candlestick The open of first candlestick The close of the last candlestick The high and low of the pattern can anyone share to me.thank all.
  17. E

    Price alert required

    Hi experts This is the only forum where experts helps and answer questions perfectly. I have some query about price alert. I am trading in commodity-copper. I want to get audio alert at a specified price, suppose the price running is 395/- and market is going up. I need an alert for...
  18. A

    AFL for Histogram of price range

    Hi, I am searching for AFL which will draw histogram in a seperate pane based on price range ( high -low). In case the main pane is for daily price bars, this should give histogram for daily price range and so on for weekly or hourly charts. Will be obliged if anyone, who has this AFL...
  19. R

    Wanted-Afl code so symbol is not traded second time in a day-afl code

    I want to know the afl code to prevent a symbol from being traded second time(after a stoploss hit) in a intraday(5min) time-frame.the backtester should skip this symbol and consider other symbols in the watchlist. Would request the amibroker afl experts to guide me on this.
  20. M

    AFL Code Writer wanted.

    Hi Friends I have a 2 set of ATR based Trading system which I have been trading manually all this while. I was hoping if some one cud write a back testable code for me and also advise the charge and time line for it. I will share the details once you show interest. Broadly speaking My...