Help me out how to read charts

Understanding chart is most difficult task in Forex.. Though I understand chart slightly, but I still believe my knowledge in Forex is like a single drop on a ocean.
Well, I start my technical analysis I mean chart reading from daily time frame! In order to my personal trading experience, daily time frame is much reliable than short time frames like H1 and M30! I just follow market trend, so when I get massive move then I try to trade according to this massive move!
Reading the chart to understand the nature of the market is pretty important and there are many ways a market chart can be read. Some traders use indicators and some traders use renko charts and some traders just use the basic candlesticks to read the market condition via chart. In every cases if the chart is not proper all the analysis will go in vein. Trade 24 is the broker who provides the best chart to do any analysis on and charts are without any errors. A fresh and clean chart reader can take best benefit of Trade 24 charts for his trading analysis. For analysis i always use Trade 24 charts.
I used Zeordha Varsity when I was starting like you. You can also try checking out Investopedia and Marketsmith for more detailed information on how to read stocks basis, charts, moving averages, price, volume and more.
For this we need to follow the trend lines and should consider the impact of support and resistance which is easier to get familiar with. Moreover candlestick charts are easier to read and for this reason they are more popular than any other chart format.