chart patterns

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    Technical Analysis Sources - Good Ones

    Hello Friends There are so many websites available online which explain the various Technical Analysis Patterns / Concepts etc. that it becomes overwhelming. If you have any particular favorite source, which explains the concepts with the help of Drawings or Chart Examples etc. and also...
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    Help me out how to read charts

    How to read charts and study technicals ,chart patterns ,candle stick chart s:) ...
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    chart pattern scanner

    Hi Friends, Does anyone know of any scanner/software that can scan for chart patterns such as rectangles, pennants, etc. Thanks. Kaurna
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    Chart Patterns

    13/12/2008 DR REDDY has been observed with Cup & Handle Pattern. -Vijay Arora 12/12/2008 IVR INFRA has been noticed a flag pattern in Daily Chart. -Vijay Arora