chart patterns

  1. C

    Nifty & Stocks - Elliott wave analyses - daily/ swing trading ideas

    Hi to all, I started this thread under the heading technical analysis based on famous Elliott wave thoery. Nifty and large cap stocks are analysed within 30 min time frame to get trading ideas using EW thoery and different indicators. Disclaimer : All ideas posted here are only for...
  2. TraderHR

    Stocks Ready to Break Out

    Stocks that are ready to break out and are consolidating in bullish/bearish triangles, flags, pennants, rectangles, and wedges ahead of the continuation of the trend.
  3. trendtrade

    Technical Analysis Sources - Good Ones

    Hello Friends There are so many websites available online which explain the various Technical Analysis Patterns / Concepts etc. that it becomes overwhelming. If you have any particular favorite source, which explains the concepts with the help of Drawings or Chart Examples etc. and also...
  4. S

    Help me out how to read charts

    How to read charts and study technicals ,chart patterns ,candle stick chart s:) ...
  5. K

    chart pattern scanner

    Hi Friends, Does anyone know of any scanner/software that can scan for chart patterns such as rectangles, pennants, etc. Thanks. Kaurna
  6. Z

    Chart Patterns

    13/12/2008 DR REDDY has been observed with Cup & Handle Pattern. -Vijay Arora 12/12/2008 IVR INFRA has been noticed a flag pattern in Daily Chart. -Vijay Arora