Help in Opening Demat Account.

Dear All,

I am doing Intraday trading from past 2 months. I have Demat + trading account from Reliance Moeny.

Since their Brokrage and their Insta Trade was pathetic i did some research and opted for Angel Broking.

I have applied for it 2 days back.
I have negotiated my brokerage to

Intraday 0.025% and delivery 0.25% and Options is 0.05% or 50rs which ever is higher.

Also they have promised me that if in one month if i show good volume they will further reduce my brokerage.

I want to know:

1. What else do i need to ask the Manager about before account opening. i only negotiated for ablve brokerages. nothing else we have discussed yet.
2. Can Margin Exposure can be negotiated? They told they provide upto 6-8 times.
3.They have told there is no hidden charges. But anything particular i need to ask them and clarify with them before hand?
4.Anything i need to take care and make Double sure with them?

Also they have told that i can convert my Margin Stock into Delivery and hold them for 1 week (which was never with Reliance Money :)).

Please Advice,


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nothing to check only check the brokerage written in agreement, also ask them about minimum brokerage per share. this makes huge difference if u play intraday in stock having price less than 100/-


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