Group For Option Writers/Sellers

Hi members,
Is there is any group in / Facebook / Whatsapp / Telegram for option writers?
I have see few groups in telegram and whatsapp for option buyers. I am having a part of my portfolio for option writing. Would like to meet the like minded traders in option writers.


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I am searching for safe trading methods , one is writing monthly range options writing , i came to learn from our dear members after posting some posts here is , (i) if it is safe method then there will be no gains :oops:, (ii) taking risk is only way after knowing market moves . sure it will take time , by the way if you find any members here or any other groups please inform here also , lets learn combinely:cool:


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Sir also if possible please write about option greeks , like pivots thread in simple manner easy for step by step learning. :):cool:
Good suggestion....but every book contain the same thing....nothing new to tell

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