Google Finance Intraday data not getting downloaded!!


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You can access Google finance data through Json now rather then earlier old method of accessing data which Google has stopped giving now
Here is code snippet in Python for getting 1minute data for 1 day.

get_quote_data(symbol='SBIN.NS', data_range='1d', data_interval='1m'):
res = requests.get('{symbol}?range={data_range}&interval={data_interval}'.format(**locals()))
data = res.json()
Hmm........ BTW this is from Yahoo bro and not from Google


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Based on the information provided above . I have made a small executable.
Please find
Format of output Data : CSV
Source of Data : yahoo
Batch Download : Not Available , one file at a time

In case you have specific requirement , I can change Time interval , period , format of data.
Hi @achalmeena

Quite nice! Checked this out ....... some observations

The data from your utility is presently somewhat 'unfinished' :)

What you need to do is to insert the following logic in your code

If the third numeral after the decimal in O,H,L,C is 9, then the data value is simply upto the first numeral after the decimal!


If the third numeral after the decimal in O,H,L,C is 0, then the data value is simply upto the second numeral after the decimal!

ALSO, you may like to weed out duplicate data entries

AND, batch processing from a text file would be helpful

Hope that all this makes sense :)

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now only 3 alternatives
- either pull terminal data
- ask a friend to share data
- use paid service
Maybe OR Maybe not.......

Had the Backfill from NEST been not so 'moody', there would've been no call for an alternate 'quick backfill'

Was a bit surprised to discover a lack of responses/ suggestions to this post of mine
especially considering the web crawling abilities of the members of this forum!!!
You guys appear to be simply not exercising your minds!!! :)

Anyway, ...... there are alternatives ......

You can download intraday data from AlphaVantage - Search for it on the net and you'll find it - AND also find the 'how to' process :)

Some cons ......

- Slower feed speed than what I would've preferred

- The people from AlphaVantage are fairly tight lipped about the source of this data. However, since the tickers are akin to Yahoo its a fair bet that the data may well turn out to be from Yahoo itself. The (not so small) advantage is that the data is clean and filtered!!!

You could also think of pulling data from - which actually takes its data from TradingView in turn

Some cons ........

- Different symbology

- Does not provide volume information for 1 minute data :(

- At times, the data is not as accurate as one would like it to be

- Deliberately provides data in a form for which the logic provided in my previous post is required for filtering!

Then there's always the good ol' Yahoo!!! :)

Some cons however ......

- Accuracy could be lacking (haven't checked this out for myself yet, though)

- Different symbology

- Deliberate attempt at obfuscation (hopefully friend @achalmeena would be wiser by now) by inserting numerals and duplicate ticks (can't blame them though because no one wants stress on their bandwidth by hordes of freeloaders :) )

Winding up the illustrative examples with some food for thought. There are sites out there which can be utilized. Seek and Ye shall Find!! :)

You can post your findings - who knows ...... somebody may just end up coding a compatible utility ;)

Lets See!!!


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