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    Daily Gold Price Analysis By JRFX

    JRFX-Daily Gold Price Trend Analysis-June 17, 2024 Weekly Time Frame Gold Price Chart: The gold price has rebounded from the Neckline support of the Double Top pattern in the $2,290/2,300 price zone, and is now moving in a Sideway along the blue Channel resistance. Looking at the price trend in...
  2. V

    Gold prices has continued its decline by approximately $50. Will it drop further?

    Summary: Gold has witnessed consecutive plunges for two days, with gold spot plummeting by $50 on Thursday, closing below $2330 per ounce. This followed a previous day's sharp drop of $42. Strong U.S. economic data, driving up U.S. Treasury yields and the dollar, has been the primary catalyst...
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    Gold Trading (May 23th)

    Trading Strategies 1. Focus on short positions intraday; initiate short positions upon rebound resistance and exercise caution with long positions while controlling risk and protecting profits. 2. Initiate short positions around $2393.0, with a stop-loss at $2398.0, targeting declines at...
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    ✅Gold Trading (May 15th)

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    ✅Gold Trading (May 14th)

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    ✅Gold Trading (May 13th)

    Consequently, gold prices broke through resistance levels due to the escalating tensions. As anticipated, the price breached the upper boundary of the triangle formation, surging significantly after surpassing the key level of 2332.0. It continued to climb until encountering resistance near the...