May 22th Gold Trading

Trading Strategie

1. Short-term trading ranges: $2415.0—$2436.0; Large range: $2406.0—$2449.0. Approach the market with range-bound trading, buying low and selling high.
2. Open long positions around $2416.0.
SL: $2411.0. Target: $2426.0—$2432.0.
3. Open short positions around $2438.0.
SL:$2442.0. Target:$2432.0—$2426.0—$2413.0.
4. Open short positions around $2449.0
SL: $2453.0. Target:$2438.0—$2432.0, with further downside towards $2426.0.
(Recent gold price fluctuations at high levels have led to extremely unstable investor sentiment. Additionally, with the imminent release of the FOMC minutes, caution is advised. Be patient and wait for entry opportunities, strictly control risks, and closely monitor specific changes in the market for timely adjustments in trading strategies.)



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