GKW ltd

This stock is languishing at 33-34 levels. Pundits tout it will go upto 60 in medium term. Since i purchased at 35 levels I do not stand to lose much if I sell now, but wanted your advice wether to hold it atleast will 37-38 levels so that I can book minor profits


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The overall outlook for GKW is poor. The stock shot up after BIFR approved a package of revival in July. The package involves selling of company land at Mumbai and bangalore. The company is expected to be back in the black in the first year of operation after implementation of the revival package. However till today the company has not finalized any property deals. The Half yearly results are also very poor. It has incurred a net loss of 35 crores. The EPS is 1.22.
Technically also the stock is moving sideways showing lack any trend. Currently at a resistance point of 34. There is also too much density overhead at 36, 38, 40. Maybe it is better to get out and put your money elsewhere.
Please do look into the company you are investing in. Why should a small investor put his hard earned money in a company, which is under BIFR.

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