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Went to the finbridge expo for about 2 hours. I would recommend it. Good exhibition.

A lot of Algo companies but none offers it alongwith tradingview. I don't understand much about it but there are a lot of companies offering multibroker platform with their algo software.

A few education companies, some B2B displays.

Good, would have been better if there was more emphasis on mutual funds too. This seemed overweight on algos which I don't understand.

May revisit tomorrow.
Thats really good to know that someone from here have visted this expo -- i so wanted to attend this but due to many reasons I CANTT :(


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Stock to Watch: 03
Mid term: 3M - 6M.
ATH BO: J & K Bank at 116 (Mcap: 12000 CR)
Looking for 136, 152, 167.
1. (D) Volumes (1.5X),
2. Doubled fundamentals in Last 2 Years.
3. TTM profits > Last year (FY23) View attachment 50001
Good catch !!
Would it have been possible to identify this at the Rs 60 or Rs 70 level ??
My Paytm postpaid has not been working for a few days. Now I know why ;)

"Paytm to curtail low-value personal loans after RBI tightens consumer lending norms"
"Paytm crashes 20% on plans to slow down Postpaid loans"


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For me , Given BN levels are only probabilities !
Currently range-bound but , Can staying abv 47300 , push BN towards 48000 plus ???

Pl do your own study ! SL is a good habit.
As shown in the chart, BN exactly slid down to 46520 odd levels from where recovered .
Only above 46855 , may show upside towards 47k plus !
These are only probabilities !
Pl do your own study !

Though , personally would like a dip towards 46259 for a positional long , but it is a bit difficult , since 46500 thru 47000 puts have seen a strong put writing.
So probably , downside may be limited , until these writer unwind the position !
But RBI policy is puting some un-easyness for traders !


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As bulls are losing steam , is BN slowly moving for Sell on Rise for a few days to regain strength luring retails to create liquidity for final push upward ???
Not a reco, just a thought !

The views in chart are only probabilities !
Pl do your own study - with proper SL to protect capital !

Anyways MF SIP is always best for common retail people - option trading is risky as 90% loss money in options !
Be careful !


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