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Viewed a video of interview of Mr V Vaidyanathan of IDFC First bank after bank's 3rd quarter performance....strong performance and even stronger and confident outlook given by Mr Vaidyanathan. Very informative. He says the stock prices go up and down but depositors' money is absolutely safe.His cost of borrowing is 6 % on average and lending rate is from 8 % to 21 % or average of 15 % so even providing for 2% NPAs, the bank has to make money......future projections are confident......
The business of water ....

"Over the past two decades, bottled water has become the fastest-growing drinks market in the world. The global market was valued at $157bn in 2013, and is expected to reach $280bn by 2020. In 2015, in the UK alone, consumption of water drinks grew by 8.2%, equating to a retail value of more than £2.5bn. Sales of water are 100 times higher than in 1980. Of water: a substance that, in developed countries, can be drunk for free from a tap without fear of contracting cholera. "

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