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I don't mind moronic protectionism... I am just crying for selling off Dixon lock stock and barrel... :(
Business Insight | With a focus on Atmanirbhar Bharat, India bans import of ACs with refrigerants
The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has added split and 'other' ACs with refrigerants into the 'prohibited' category, previously under the 'free' list
They better stay away from us... we have neither given stimulus, nor have we borrowed for it and we are miles away from monetising any part of the outlay...
Second sovereign downgrade wave coming, major nations at risk: S&P Global
A total of 31 countries almost a quarter of all those S&P rates - currently have "negative outlooks" on their ratings which more often than not get converted into downgrades.
IRCTC should do this...
Sold out in 30 mins: Here is why people want to eat on a grounded plane
Singapore Airlines is opening up two of its Airbus SE A380s at Changi Airport as temporary restaurants for two weekends later this month
India has had this concept for decades now. The airbase at Chennai (then Madras) has a grounded airplane converted to a restaurant. Best Dosa, served with a side of small bowl of desi ghee !!

Disclaimer : I had a dosa there in 1973, so this information may be outdated :D

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