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Traded that opportunity. Was long above 26800 small stop below daily pivot. That stop never hit. But my target 27035 hit and market moved further. That was resistance, the market may retest again as support.
Missed my short order around 27140. But who cares, already got enough.

I was expecting that Bank Nifty to hit 26500-50 oi support band then bounces back to 27000, overall positive day.
But, just followed Open=Low and wait. Stop never hit but target hit. That's market, whatever we think, at the end of the day market rewards the follower. :)

Imp obs:
Band nifty in roughly 2%->500-550pt range. The previous range was 26250-26750. Now after breakout probably the range shifted to roughly 26700-27200. :) It is mainly a day traders market, not much follow up after a strong up or down day.

---same here --- but with some weekly strangle and straddle...:) Good day ;)


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As the US markets shoot up going up today, SGX started cheering. If US close thick green today, tomorrow morning we will open 100 pts gap up in Nifty. Cheers investors. We are entering another playing field.


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Missed my short order around 27140. But who cares, already got enough.
Yesterday's my pending resistance 27140 acted as support after gapped up. Caught [email protected] nearly the days low.
Squared off 2/3rd nearly 27200(highest Oi resistance).. Rest 1-3rd trailing. :) Job done.

I was tired due to late night.. The market is kind to me today.

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