Fyers employees squaring off clients' positions without consent?

However, Googleplaystore shows the positive reviews on top. There are quite a lot of 1-star reviews in Feb 2021. Playstore buries them.
I don't think that google is partisan towards a small app.


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Yes, you are at liberty to leave the broker. You are also free to make sufficient noise about it for them to take notice. What they actually want to avoid is bad publicity.

I'd rather you didn't let it go cold. That's what they are banking on.

They can't close the matter without you agreeing to. Open the SEBI original complaint that you filed, post an entry about the feedback. Mention that you were not given a recording of the meeting. Continue with it from time to time on various platforms. Make sure you post the facts only, not impressions and opinions.
TP, they sent the minutes of the hearing with the decision of the officer in favour of broker (they omitted my dissent). If I sign it, it'll be agreeing. So I requested complete audio recording as you suggested. And the complete minutes.
Will be escalating.
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About the MCX officers who helped the broker:
when they need a doctor's service, they would prefer honesty, not what they themselves do. But they're not going to get it.