Fundamental analysis

Whether following the top-down approach or the bottom-up approach, company analysis is an essential part of the fundamental analysis. Before investing in any stock, it is very important to understand what the company does and from where it earns.
Company analysis is a crucial element for analyzing the fundamentals. The analysis of economy and industry alone are not going to help in the longer run. Investors must have a basic idea about the company as well.
Yes. I have found fundamental analysis the most important factor, if you are holding for longer periods you have to keep your knowledge updated about what is going on in the company and other govt, decisions that can affect that entire sector.
By using stock analysis, investors and traders arrive at equity buying and selling decisions. Studying and evaluating past and current data helps investors and traders to gain an edge in the markets to make informed decisions.
That is one attention grabbing title. Its one of those touchy subjects. Like growth vs value, Tendulkar vs Lara, Shahrukh vs Salman vs Aamir etc. A thousand and one opinions and at the end of the day nobody changes sides . I doubt you are going to convert any TA Guys in to doing FA and vice versa.
  • To me, a tool is useful if it helps achieve one's objective. I have picked up the simple techniques of TA For my short term portfolio, it has been very useful.
  • Personally I find TA quite useful and in conjunction with fundamentals tend to give satisfactory results.
Fundamental analysis is the process of understanding a company’s share or a securities value by researching it’s past and present economic and financial data. Like @nanjil has said, combining our judgments along with the fundamental analysis on a stock will fetch better results and helps to take informed decisions.
Yes, company analysis is important. Before you buy the shares of a company it is very important that you particularly research about the company very well without. Find its past 10 years performance, its growth rate, value, and all other things required. Never just buy the shares of a company randomly without researching it.
Of course. As Warren Buffett says you shouldn't be investing in companies that you don't understand. A good rule of thumb for starting is to invest in companies you use yourself and then familiarise yourself with the financial details from there as at least what they do is well known to you.