From zero to hero in trading natural gas without any loss no ta or chart required


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as initially mentioned in my thread if the colour of the data is black it means NO TRADE. yesterday data appeared in black as such no trades were taken. as far as few pips is concerned. last week result 4 rs. movement i,e 5000 rs, profit per lot x 10 lots = 50,000/- not bad. I am fully satisfied with the strategy, because its suits my trading personality.
Hi Ashmita,
I wanted to know if there were any SL or TP that you would apply for this strategy.. Just asking cause
5pts x 10lots = Rs.50,000 , but -5pts x 10lots = -Rs.50,000
Hi All.

Tomorrow 9pm IST natural gas storage number are going to come out. last week was -177 BCF, more than exception since weather was warm(compare to last week) this week we are excepting -140 BCF. definitely this is -ve number. All the best to all NG traders( I guess you guys are going to be long this time.)

Hello NG traders,

enter into long position for NG till 17 Jan, trade is buy at 268, with SL 261 target 281.

Disclaimer : I am already long on NG.
I'm long on the storm coming to USA, weather forecast and projected inventory numbers on week ending 4-10 jan, result will be out on 17th Jan, where I'm excepting NG to be high as 285.



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Indicator in black,so no trade.
Well its green as per note he is taking data and colour coding of so on forex factory it may be black but actually its green at and by that logic I think stop may be triggered coz at 9 ng was trading at lows.
you people think the big boys trade on what number come out. They are smart. There is no edge trading on sentiment of news. if there was you all would be making money consistently and the big boys would lose. you really think they will let that happen.

if you really want to trade during news...look at technicals on higher TF and trade accordingly.

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