Free Software For Fundamental Analysis

Hi buds

I am new to trading and would like to start from investing by Fundamental analysis route.
SO i need a Free software preferably in android and if not available then Windows .

I just want to quickly comapre all indices of all companies kn a industry and a script that chart them in ascending / descending order as when requierd

I can see tht all of here are pro guys intrested in technical analysis but i dont understand a word kf technical analysis indices.i shall learn step by step

But i need to start with fundamental analysis and buy my first share

So please guide me here for any free tools.
As pointed in book art of share market given by me from Zerodha writter says that website is good for fundamental analysis

But it will take me many days of work to click each company and wrire their values of indices jn a Paper and even worse how to keep in mind treand of 5 year value of indices

So i need a tool that can easily chart and arrange values of Fundamentls of companies

Hope u pro guys help me here

And i m a doctor (MBBS) so i can help u if u need my advice. Just to be fair.

Thank u all u guys here


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Hello Doc, The solution to your Post lies in NOT seeking a Free Software! Why should you look for a Free thing when as a Doctor you very well understand the importance of Fees! Its quiet true in todays world too : There are no free lunches ! You seek something of value , you pay for it!

There are a number of Softwares available for Indian Market which also have a part of it available as Free and you pay for advanced features only ! e.g.: Investar, Indiainfoline, dsij, moneyworks4me etc.
Just Google it please !


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Hello Doc,

Please think about this.

You are aware that many pro's here are not fans of FA.
But/and why they are not fans of Purely FA ?
And why you still want to pursue the route of FA ?