Free Intradata to Amibroker From SPM tool

Its not updating my amibroker ........

next is :

i need data like these :(OHLC TICK DATA)

I have been using SPM since past 3 years. It is superb, amazing, accurate, reliable, most cost-effective tool for fatching realtime data in Amibroker. I thank Mr Gaurav Varsheny and his team from bottom of my heart and suggest all new comers to try it. I have used all data fatching excel sheets and assure you that this is the best. Please do not waste time for searching other data facthing tools and use that time for devising trading strategies.



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dear varshney,

does ur tools can also backfill the RT data upto the time of backfill.

If i start at 11:00AM then does it backfill the data upto 10:59AM and RT from 1100 hrs onwards?

Bye if u offer such thing , please let me now...

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