Finvasia or Zerodha


Finvasia does Quarterly Settlement which is good. But as per SEBI guidelines if Trading account is active and there is a balance less than Rs. 10000 then no need to do payout by way of Quarterly settlement. Inspite of that they are doing it. Even for very small amount. That increases transaction cost while adding back those money into trading account. Also if you are handling portfolio of others then also you may not be able to demand those money from the account holder to again transfer it back to trading account because of low value amount.

I tried it several times showing the SEBI guidelines of exemption. But again when executive who handles this changes, they start doing as per their own system.
@shah_kshitij its changed now, as per the latest update by SEBI. Its mandate for the brokers to do the monthly/quarterly settlement in clients account.
As per SEBI its your trading/demat account not the saving account. So you can not keep the money here for so long...
its mandatory to so within 30/90...


Stop overthnkng.U cant control evrythng, Be it
yes they dont address the issues on call...
All they say is to raise a ticket blah bla and then later on closes the ticket without any reason or explanation.

I tried Finvasia chat support , which is far better to solve your minor or basic queries...
Yes many of my bsic queries get resolved on chat support itself of the finvasia


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Traders do doubt zero brokerage, I get that, I did too but trust me, its worth it. Plus they are as safe as zerodha just brokerage is zero. And there support is much better too. Here alone many traders are using finvasia.
Yes, I started using Finvasia, and my experience has been quite positive.
Yes many of my bsic queries get resolved on chat support itself of the finvasia
That's fantastic news! It's fantastic when you can obtain rapid and effective answers to your questions via chat assistance. Not only does it save time, but it also improves the whole client experience. If you have any other positive experiences or anything else to offer regarding your contacts with Finvasia's chat assistance, please let me know! Because I was considering using this site for trading.


Stop overthnkng.U cant control evrythng, Be it
Finvasia has informed me that I cannot open an account with HDFC bank account. Only Axis or Yes Bank. My next choice is Prostocks. But I am still confused as I prefer Zerodha but Zerodha's customer service is extremely bad. They never respond to my calls/ emails.
i didnt get it
can not open the account in HDFC means ??
NRI account or something ??