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Hi guys i am a new member at traderji,

i am trading scince 2005,some time i make profit some time i make loss,but i am nt bother about profit and loss its a part of trading,stock trading is a passion for me,or u can say i am addicted.scince 2005 i am having a a/c with sharekhan(trade tiger).now day share khan allow only 2times intradya expo aswell as delivery for nt more than T+5 with the interest @16% from end of T+2 to T+5.i mainly trade BTST & swing trades (hold 7days positions) in equity only.very less intraday & f&o trades i do.

i am looking for a online trading a/c(with software only) who can prove me best delivery exposures.

plz give ur feedbacks about avobe mention brokers or u can also recomand any other broker nt listed above who provide good exposure in BTST or T+5 positions in equitys.

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Re: feedbakBest delivery & intraday exposure 5paisa,sharekhan,religare,angel,kotak,ib

Delivery Exposure :3.003 times but neeed to pay by T+1
Intraday Exposure: 12.05
Margin period is T+6 day you will get the intimation and by T+7th day squareoff.

Delivery exposure will involve interest of 18% at IB.

There are campanies online that allow till 4 times delivery exposure but the interest rate is 24%.
Re: feedbakBest delivery & intraday exposure 5paisa,sharekhan,religare,angel,kotak,ib

Its all about best, One who satisfied according to own need and support provided by these companies .... But overall wealth increment is necessary things for every customer so go with that company which have mixed positive reviews.


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