Download Historical Bhavcopy with Delivery Data

Hey Folks,
I am trying to download historical bhavcopies with delivery data (not the general bhavcopy) - Sample. It's called "Full Bhavcopy with security deliverable data". In this copy, along with the normal columns from the general bhacopy, it has deliveries data as well. I wrote a code to download this bhavcopy for last few years. I was able to download it till August 2019, but after that nse urls don't exist - Sample . Does anybody know if the format of that url got changed in 2019. If yes, what was the earlier format.
Also, is there any other way I can get this data? I came across ABCD bhavcopy downloader but not able to use it since I don't have Windows machine. So, not sure if this tool has support for this bhavcopy ("Full Bhavcopy with security deliverable data") as well. Any help would be appreciated.