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    Bank Guarantees for Intraday trading limits

    Hello All I have a question. Do any brokers accept Bank Guarantees payable on demand and provide MIS (valid during the day order type, cancelled automatically at 3.15-3.20 pm) margin trading limits against them? If the investor has a good medium size share portfolio, say 10L and pays in any...
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    feedbakBest delivery & intraday exposure 5paisa,sharekhan,religare,angel,kotak,ibulls

    Hi guys i am a new member at traderji, i am trading scince 2005,some time i make profit some time i make loss,but i am nt bother about profit and loss its a part of trading,stock trading is a passion for me,or u can say i am addicted.scince 2005 i am having a a/c with sharekhan(trade...