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  1. A

    Finvise - Looking for early users! (

    Hey everyone, We are building an app based platform (, where you can connect to a financial advisor and ask him any wealth related questions. The whole idea of the platform is to help you avail high quality financial advise without any hassle and affordable cost. We have just...
  2. trendtrade

    Technical Analysis Sources - Good Ones

    Hello Friends There are so many websites available online which explain the various Technical Analysis Patterns / Concepts etc. that it becomes overwhelming. If you have any particular favorite source, which explains the concepts with the help of Drawings or Chart Examples etc. and also...
  3. S

    Website for tracking market related news

    Hello friends, I'm developing a news aggregation website for traders. Please visit (This is still in development hence using .tk domain as it comes free :D) I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you. :)
  4. A

    I m back

    Hello friends, I have resumed trading after long gap (and losing lots of money 10 yrs back). In my second inning I am going to follow strategy and right sets of tools and technologies. Hope to make this one a profitable stint. My background is IT and data science in particular. I am very...
  5. P

    A beginner to backtesting, past intraday data and real-time charts for intraday

    Dear experts, I am a beginner to trading, and want to trade in BankNifty intraday. Can you guide me what backtesting software I should buy / website I should subscribe to, and how do I get past 1-min and 5-min data for BankNifty intraday for backtesting? Do the backtesting software/websites...
  6. R

    Buzzing stocks - for technical trader

    Buzzing stocks has a free stock screener for the technical trader. It also explains the rules for the screener. Stocks can be filtered as per the following criteria (example) : MACD less than, equal to or greater than X. Close less than or greater than X period SMA Williams% R less than...
  7. W

    Factors for fundamental analysis.

    Hi, I am new to trading and want to trade for medium/long term using fundamental analysis. What all points should i consider before making an investment in a stock using fundamental analysis parameters like : P/E,Market Ratio, Assets,Liabilities and so on. I have just understood that there...
  8. K

    how to install angel diet on win7 ?

    hello, can anyone tell me how to install angel diet (diet odin) on win7. I have subscribed to angel diet/odin. I contacted my branch they just told me that I should download Angel PDA and keep clicking next and nothing more. I am using win7 So is that it or I have to do something else...