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dear members,

Fibotrader for those who have not been able to purchase MS or AB.

Fibotrader is available as a completely free version. It is as strong as Amibroker. It has one limitation: The only data source available is the manual ASCII import.

As soon as the trial period of Fibotrader has expired, the program switches to the free mode automatically. Besides the data sources all other functions remain available without restrictions.

Tip: Software-Updates can be downloaded as usual through the AutoUpdate or from the website. This way you can always use the most up-to-date version of Fibotrader.

Some characteristic of Fibotrader is given below:
1. Powerful charting
2. Automatic strategy backtesting and optimization
3. Custom scripting
4. Portfolio management
5. Spreads
6. Watchlists/Alarms
7. Powerful filters
8. Multi-user support
9. statistical analysis

Fibotrader : System requirements
Minimum requirements
50 Mb hard disk memory
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
64 Mb Ram
Internet Explorer 4 (SP1)

2 GHz Processor
Several Gigabytes hard disk memory
512 Mb Ram
Internet connection
Internet Explorer 6
Windows 2000/XP
1280*1024 screen resolution
Optical mouse for chart manipulation

Attention: 32 Mb Ram are the minimum amount of memory supported. It is strongly recommended to supply more memory. Note that not all parts may be accessible at the same time.


Here is the two links for help fils.


I think it should be my duty to the new Fbotrader users that
they will start their own technical analysis as soon as after installation not
to bother to customize its enviornment. For their convenience I uploaded
my own 'Main' file to Rapidshare. What u will have to do is that unzip it and copy it to
-->Fibotrader -> data folder. Restart Fibotrader.
The 'Main' file contains my own templates and sectorwise classification of NSE stocks. u could also create your own templates.

download link :

here is the EOD database(Quote_0) updated till 2nd Nov. 2006.
what u will have to do is that:
download -> unzip -> u will get the 'Quotes_0' file.


Fibotrader : Step by Step Instruction After Installation and Updation Process

Part-I --> Step by Step Instruction After Installation

1. ........check Launch Fibotrader check box and click Finish.
2. a window named First Start will appear. check the box if u have a permanent internet connection (nothing important). click Next.
3. a window named 'Data Source Assistent' will appear, select
' -No data vendor yet or not in this list'. click Next.
4. Select 'Enter data manually'. click Next.
5. click 'Finish'.
Five windows will pops up automatically. close all of them.
6. close down the Fibotrader also. check the 'Shutdown Quoteman box'
check box.
7. copy the 'Main' file which i have uploaded for your convenience, and
overwright it to Fibotrader--> Data folder.
8. for database copy the 'Quote_0' file and overwright it to Fibotrader-->
Data folder.
9. Update indicator list from Chart manager-> Add indicator-> More from internet.
10. Now u are ready to start your TA.

Part-II --> Updation Process

Now come to the most important part Daily UPDATE. It is not a complex task to accomplish. Just follow the steps..
1. download the daily update file from http://in.groups.**********/group/bse-nse2005/. u can also use my daily update file from
as far as symbol is concerned, my symbols and the symbols used by bse-nse are exact the same.
If u use bse-nse's data, delete the open interest column before importing.
2. unzip it.
3. start Quoteman.(Quoteman will not start automatically with the Fibotrader. to start Quoteman manually go to Start-> All Programs-> Fibotrader->Quoteman. If u want Quoteman will start automatically, click
on 'Preferences' tab (a wheel sign on the Fibotrader toolber, second from the left)->Preferences->general...->check the 'Start Quoteman Automatically'.
i don't prefer Quoteman to start automatically.
4. click 'Data' -> Import-> click 'ASCII file'
5. A window named 'ASCII import' will appear.
6. select 'End of day'.
7. choose the appropriate file.
8. check the 'Save in folder' check box. select the appropriate folder in which u will save your data.[ when u will update NSE choose NSE folder, for BSE choose BSE folder and for future choose Future folder]
9. click on 'Start' tab-> click Detect Automatically [ a window named Progress
will appear. if it will not vanish within a few seconds just ignore it]
10. click again on Start button.
11. updation complete.
12. close the ASCII import window.
13. Enjoy it.

At this point of time don't update future from the file that bse-nse2005 ***** group provides. my symbol is different. but don't worry. i will solve the problem for u. till then i will upload it everyday in thread Data Feeds -> EoD Update of Fibotrader.

Here u will find some useful TIPS on Fibotrader :-

Best Regards,
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abcde123 said:
its a 10 day trial how 2 remove that

soumya_b said:
dear members,

As soon as the trial period of Fibotrader has expired, the
program switches to the free mode automatically. Besides the data
sources all other functions remain available without restrictions

best regards,

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