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About me:
I have been trading shares (rather will say as investor) for some time. Around six month back, I have started analyzing market using technicals analysis, and goal is to became a reasonable profitable trader. Last quarter or so, I have started using moving averages, indicators, options data (volume, OI, etc). Since last few quarters, I'm into Options trading (without any methodology), and have lost good amount of capital, but this had helped me to understand options trading and develop my own method. Till date, I'm in loss and lets see how soon I can recover those.

I want to make trading as my secondary source of income.

I'm starting this thread to track my Options Trades (mostly NIFTY), it will be on intraday basis.
At end of day, I'll be squaring off my positions irrespective of profit or loss or prospective of tomorrow's market.

This is naked Option trade (so no hedgings, no Options strategies).
Once I notice momentum, I'll place BUY order. In case if I'm in trade and notice first signal of reversal (may be false one), I'll be exiting if it hits current Stop Loss.

I'll try to post my trade as soon as possible (if time and situation permits) or at the end of day definately.
I'll be having strict stop loss and it will trail up, and will exit using stop loss only, so no targets.
My stop loss may change frequently or with very next time-frame (I don't expect it will be viable to post stop loss so frequently in forum).

Until I start making profit or get confidence, I'll be trading only one lot of NIFTY. Although I expect 3-10 trades per trading day.
My current capital is Rs 15000.
My brokerage is around Rs 75 (actually varies) per lot for squaring-off on same day, so to reach breakeven for a NIFTY lot, I have to get at least 2 points above Buy rate.

Result Expected:
Initially I expect to burn some amount (will consider this amount as investment/expense for learning). So I'll try to control losses and will try to reach breakeven points.
I hope to survive in market for at least three weeks with current capital of Rs 15000. So risking Rs. 1000 per day.

Definately in long term, I expect reasonable profit.

To have right stop loss in the order.

Expectations from forum members:
Honest feedback and encouragement so as to improve my methodology.

If some forum members wants to follow my call, please follow at your own risk. I'm not an expert.

Example of my call/trade :
Buy/Bought Nifty 5300 CE @77, Stop Loss @75.40.

1) You can buy at Rs. 77 or above. Initial Stop Loss @ 75.40.
2) Once you are into trade, must follow stop loss to exit. You may set target of 8-10 points to exit (if I fail to post updated stop loss).

Remember, this is just my trading dairy.
If any one interested please keep an eye on this thread.

I hope good wishes from forum members.

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