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Yes, ETFs are yet to take-off in a big way in India. I think lack of awareness is the reason behind it. Hope, it will catch the eyes of many investors.


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Hey btw did you guys check this

Now tracking ETFs is even easier. You can watch all ETFs in action. :clap:
I read this news now that India ETFs ride on new markets craze...Its pretty interesting...I agree with Rajan Mehta that ETFs will pick up momentum in India pretty soon..what say?
thanks for the info.
If you find any kind of strategy for investing in ETFs, other than SIP, pl post it here. Got any ideas /views about these strategies, do post it here.


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Short ETFs are those exchange traded funds that are designed to perform in an inverse direction to their underlying index. That is why they are also known as inverse ETFs. Investing in short exchange traded funds is quite similar to using a combination of advanced investment strategies for making profits from falling prices.

No such ETFs in India so far?

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