1. B

    volume in nifty index charts

    dear friends i want to know about the volumes show in nifty index chart on different charting sites. like ichart, chart and investing. which volumes are these. total traded volumes in underlying stocks?? or future volumes. i attached files for reference.
  2. D

    High Volume stocks live on spreadsheet for Intraday trading

    High volume stocks are widely used by traders for intraday trading. In this spreadsheet we check the current volume of stocks and compare them with last 10 days average volume and sort them in descending. I have listed 212 F&O stocks for analyzing. The volume information is picked from...
  3. S

    discrepancy in stock volume amounts at Yahoo, Google, Stock Market Watch etc.

    I have a question regarding differing stock volume amounts for a specific stock reported on various financial websites. For example, let's take a look at Lockheed Martin's volume amount at 12-12-2016. Yahoo Finance: 7 080 300...
  4. M

    How to trade with volume

    I always heard that we have to use price and volume to trade. I can understand how to use price for trading but when it comes to volume I am a little bit confused. For prices we have certain indicators and parameters to buy and sell eg RSI <20 for buy and RSI>70 for sell but I don’t find any...
  5. Sagarocks432

    Which are gud indicators for Volume.?

    Hello Friends, I research on technical analysis daily and I can justify major movements of market.:D But not able to to justify movement of Volume.:( Can u please suggest some good indicators from which I can justify and predict a little bit movement of Volume???? :) Also tell which is best and why!
  6. A

    Is it ok to buy a very low volume stock with high price

  7. B

    How much volume shall be considered good in NSE Nifty?

    I am a beginner and want to know a very important aspect of a stock i.e. volume. I see stocks with varied volumes. How much Volume can be considered for a stock to be healthy and safe?
  8. R

    liquidity for options trading

    Dear friends, I am considering trading in individual stock options but i see the open interest and volume is not that great for individual stock options as compared to futures. What is considered good liquidity (open interest, volume) for trading individual stock options? I would really...
  9. J

    Volume last 30 days greater than

    Hi all, I need an afl that I can explorer or scan my stocks, that gives me the stocks that have an average volume greater than 100.000 in the last 30 days/bars. I would like to be able to change the variable volume and days. Could someone help me an write the afl code? I appreciate a lot...
  10. R

    Volume Data Missing - How to Skip Calculation When V is missing/ is 0

    Hi, Can it be coded to skip calculation when data is missing ? Such as if (V==0) ; //check volume is 0 or more Do we need to use "FOR Loop" here for every bar ?? If yes, then my understanding is that then the entire formula will have to placed inside that FOR Loop. That will be a lot...
  11. A

    Charts consistency

    Hi Team, At times I find the candles in the charts are not consistent and are very scattered. Please help me understand the reason for such a formation. I checked, volume doesn't seem to be the factor as many have good volume but the form inconsistent candles. Please help.
  12. X

    Half TimeFrame on Amibroker

    Hi folks, Is there a way to plot or divide data of a given array in time, for example Volume but in Half of a TimeFrame ? Let's say, I'm planning to use a system or just plot by example; Volume for every half or a given month, not just a simple reference from 15 days back to actual volume. Is...
  13. P

    Looking to engage with analysts & market wathchers

    Greetings to all Looking to engage with analysits & market watchers , mainly commodities (Crude, Copper, Zinc) & soft . Would like to learn on deploying strategies for risk aversion and hedging. Regards
  14. SwayamDas

    Significance of Volume inside the Trading Windows

    Hello Guys, what's the significance of the volume inside the trading window? Is it the number of shares available in the market? Or the total number of shares currently traded since market opening?
  15. E

    ETF liquidity

    Hello Sirs, I am new one here and I am looking for your help. I have a list of several ETFs for which I would like to check liquidity and before start doing this I will appreciate your ideas and suggestions. - I found out that ETFs liquidity is not determined by its trading volume, but the...
  16. A

    Question about open interest and volumes

    I am confused by my concept of volumes and open interest. I had read that Open Interest is the total number of outstanding contracts that are held by market participants at the end of each day. For example, if both parties to the trade are initiating a new position ( one new buyer and one new...
  17. M

    offer and bid quantities

    The ICICIDirect site constantly shows offer and bid quantities for a share . Now, I've seen that for some stocks the offer quantity constantly keeps at 5-7 times bid quantity throughout the day. The volume itself is also quite high. (yes bank has followed this trend last 2 days, there were...
  18. D

    Investment per order

    Hi All, I have read a lot of posts here from people investing in the markets, and as we all know that an investor can be characterized in so many different ways. One aspect I always think of while reading a fellow investors post is how much money on average, does he/she put in for a single...
  19. karthikmarar

    Volume Spread Analysis

    Friends For me TA is a passion. I have been experimenting a lot on various aspects of TA. It has been a good learning experience. Sharing my experiments was a bigger learning experience. Truly, unlike sharing money sharing knowledge only leads to further expansion of knowledge. A few...