Day Trading in Equity for living


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the tough part of trading to keep emotion in control.... when position is going as per your view/ direction & you see profit then you would want to book quickly. It is very tough to ride on a position till eod : ) it can achieve after hard practice...

:clapping: s this is most important aspect of trading .excellent posts keep going. good setups in Vedanta aban .
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aban closes at cost, vedanta @ profit of Rs 4.5, Nalco @ loss of Rs 1....
all 3 trades are different price pattern, Vedanta has maintained its momentum while Aban could not break flag pattern. Nalco was reversed but not given short opportunity & was range bound whole day.
Today also i am in a little profit (no loss especially )... have learnt lot of things today also to trade in 3 different scenarios in all 3 stocks.


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Today long in NALCO @ 67.15.... again flat pattern. Let see....... if it breaks it on upside then huge movement will come. Trailing SL @ 66.8. will reverse position @ 66.5.
Could not take another stock due to shortage of time....


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We always should have 2-3 different stocks for trading. I screened yesterday also but could not get time to trade today. To sustain profitable in long run & continuous basis i need to try 2-3 stocks daily.
i will surely trade Nalco tomorrow also as it is still in a big movement structure....