day trading online

  1. kingsmasher1

    Please suggest. Best way to keep in touch with day trading with a full-time job?

    Hi, I had been day trading regularly for last 1.5 years, and after much cuts and bruises, was finally seeing some consistency, and was happy with present things. This had only been possible, as my previous full-time job in parallel allowed me to work from home completely, and my work timings...
  2. stock_mani

    Day Trading in Equity for living

    Hi, After many years of investing i was trying to practice full time trading for living in equity. I will share my live trading screen shots (with proof). I am in middle to practice day trading for a living & trying to do from last 5-6 months. Still results are good & i am trading in very...
  3. V

    Need practical advise to trade in NIFTY Option

    Dear Friends, Good to be a part of traders family! I started NIFTY option trading 3 months ago. I need guidance from experienced NIFTY option traders on the following: How to spot entry points for put or call option How and where to set stop loss How to spot changing trends I...