date of incorporation for BSE/NSE

It is also important to know the Natal of Bombay, which per me is the day when Portuguese rulers of Goa gave full rulership of Bombay to East India company. Per me that agreement happened sometime in the night in a dinner party ( just before 10pm ).


In the year 1896 the malefic planets Uranus and Saturn were, both in transit over the 20º of Scorpio, which is the ascendant of
Bombay, and there began a most disastrous outbreak of Bubonic Plague in the Presidency which utterly demoralised
trade in that important commercial centre, and caused the deaths of many thousands of victims.
I searched all over the internet but I couldn’t find anything other than the year of its incorporation which is 1875. Looks like there is not much information shared on the internet!
Hi All - I was looking for similar information and I was going through the threads eagerly. It's surprising that we have the exact date and even time on incorporation of BSE (which is over 200 years old), while we don't seem to have the exact time for the exchange that opened thirty years ago. The details of NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is available accurately though. I think it would make great sense to go with BSE details since Indian stock markets are not that big (unlike US) and notably BSE Sensex stocks and NIFTY stocks are not vastly different and show very similar trends on a chart.

I would be curious to know whether there are those who have been able to make predictions accurately for the Indian markets using astro cycles. I'll circle back if I make progress on this subject. Thanks, everyone..!!


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The Nifty 50 index was launched on 22 April 1996

Gann worked on static date and dynamic dates

static dates

Again buy any company that is growing in Profit YOY year after year in march holdit for 10-20-30yrs it beats all astrol gnn technical all
lol it becomes snow ball


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date 1 may 1995 if u buy at R.s 55 and hold for 30 yrs lol

Thats how history are created :xD buying 1 lakhs share @ 55 in 1995 and selling it in 2017 :xD
but who in current world can do such thig expect founder of company..

Now a days we are sold shit company like nykaa paytm zomato at idiotic valuation we buy at x1000 times PE lmao
Sebi also allows to list price of shitty company that high they got there commission per sure while innocent Retail investor lost . and even god cannt save this company after 10 20 30 yrs by that time they wont even exist ...

Bhadu syaing" Price is what u pay and value is what u get is great "

If any gurus is here i have question why do u say
we Mankind need $$ we going to bring ipo ....Face Value 1 but we gone a sell u at 1080 lol while we list at 1400
now govt will raid our office after listing and now we will sell daily 5% to 3 % and recover out money from u public haha

face value is 1 so for R.s 1 in that company i have to pay R.s 1100 ? u mad or what i say that and run away lol instead i will buy jio anyday Reliance

when someone tell u invest in Equity , F&0 is risky Tell them always remember Yesbank , Enron and kodak lol

sometime i think: this stock market has killed a lot of ppls then how many it made rich zzz thats life
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