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I am doing an astro-economic profile of the stock market in India(refer to works of David Williams, WDGann, George Bayer and Johndro for more details). Now looking at the natal chart of India, it shows some losses/accidents etc for the coming several months. This was somewhat confirmed by the recent tsunami disaster(which is now estimated to have caused damages upwards of 5000 crore) and several policies of the new government.

However the stock market has been booming ahead and does not confirm to the natal chart of India. I am wondering if anyone has the date of incorporation for either of the exchanges- this would let me do a more accurate profile of economic activity for the future. Also the stock market could be somewhat divested from how the rest of India does esp. if the global markets do very well (based on some Gann analysis 2005 will be a very good year for US Markets).

Thanks in advance

(if someone can provide me with the date, I will post my forecasts)
According to the website:

The Stock Exchange, Mumbai, popularly known as "BSE" was established in 1875 as "The Native Share and Stock Brokers Association". It is the oldest one in Asia, even older than the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which was established in 1878. It is a voluntary non-profit making Association of Persons (AOP) and is currently engaged in the process of converting itself into demutualised and corporate entity. It has evolved over the years into its present status as the premier Stock Exchange in the country. It is the first Stock Exchange in the Country to have obtained permanent recognition in 1956 from the Govt. of India under the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956.

The Exchange, while providing an efficient and transparent market for trading in securities, debt and derivatives upholds the interests of the investors and ensures redressal of their grievances whether against the companies or its own member-brokers. It also strives to educate and enlighten the investors by conducting investor education programmes and making available to them necessary informative inputs.

A Governing Board having 20 directors is the apex body, which decides the policies and regulates the affairs of the Exchange. The Governing Board consists of 9 elected directors, who are from the broking community (one third of them retire ever year by rotation), three SEBI nominees, six public representatives and an Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Operating Officer.

The Executive Director as the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Exchange and he is assisted by the Chief Operating Officer and other Heads of Departments.

The Exchange has inserted new Rule No.126 A in its Rules, Bye-laws & Regulations pertaining to constitution of the Executive Committee of the Exchange. Accordingly, an Executive Committee, consisting of three elected directors, three SEBI nominees or public representatives, Executive Director & CEO and Chief Operating Officer has been constituted. The Committee considers judicial & quasi matters in which the Governing Board has powers as an Appellate Authority, matters regarding annulment of transactions, admission, continuance and suspension of member-brokers, declaration of a member-broker as defaulter, norms, procedures and other matters relating to arbitration, fees, deposits, margins and other monies payable by the member-brokers to the Exchange, etc.

Turnover on the Exchange

The average daily turnover of the Exchange during the financial year 2000-2001 (April-March), was Rs.3984.19 crores and the average number of daily trades was 5.69 lakhs.
The average daily turnover of the Exchange in the subsequent two financial years, i.e., 2001-02 & 2002-03, has declined considerably to Rs. 1248.15 crores and Rs. 1251.29 crores respectively.
The average number of daily trades recorded during 2001-02 and 2002-03 numbered 5.17 lakhs and 5.63 lakhs respectively.
The average daily turnover and average number of daily trades during the quarter April-June 2003 were Rs. 1101.05 crores and 5.70 lakhs respectively.

The ban on all deferral products like Borrowing & Lending of Securities Scheme (BLESS) and Automated Lending & Borrowing Mechanism (ALBM) in the Indian capital markets by SEBI w.e.f. July 2, 2001, abolition of account period settlements, introduction of Compulsory Rolling Settlements in all scrips traded on the Exchanges w.e.f. December 31, 2001, etc. have adversely impacted the liquidity in the market and consequently there is a considerable decline in the average daily turnover at the Exchange as reflected in above statistics.
According to the website

The National Stock Exchange of India Limited has genesis in the report of the High Powered Study Group on Establishment of New Stock Exchanges, which recommended promotion of a National Stock Exchange by financial institutions (FIs) to provide access to investors from all across the country on an equal footing. Based on the recommendations, NSE was promoted by leading Financial Institutions at the behest of the Government of India and was incorporated in November 1992 as a tax-paying company unlike other stock exchanges in the country.

On its recognition as a stock exchange under the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956 in April 1993, NSE commenced operations in the Wholesale Debt Market (WDM) segment in June 1994. The Capital Market (Equities) segment commenced operations in November 1994 and operations in Derivatives segment commenced in June 2000.
Thanks Arun. Unfortunately I need the exact day and time as well. The incorporation information for US based companies is widely sold in the US (for upto 8000 companies). Astro-economics is somewhat popular here.

I am very grateful for this information; although the exact time is needed as well, this is something I can back-calculate. I will update on my findings.

Thanks again!!
ntrader said:

I am very grateful for this information; although the exact time is needed as well, this is something I can back-calculate. I will update on my findings.

Thanks again!!
Hello ntrader,

I am eagerly awaiting your astro analysis! Please post your analysis for us all.

Re: NTtrader date of incorporation for BSE/NSE

NTtrader - i am also trying to find natal date for Bombay (Mumbai) Stock exchange. I have the year but not day/month. For yoiur information i understand from sources the time to use is Noon of the day of incorporation for an exchange. So i need the month and day - have you been able to establish this
The date of incorporation of BSE is 9th July 1875.12.44 Noon.

I don't remember the exact source. But, the author is an american astrolger, well-respected for his research in vedic astrology.

hello it is very interesting in what you do. I have recently come across msyelf on astro analysis of markets and events. I am looking for date fo incorporation for certain companies. can you please kindly let me know if you happen to know them.

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