Data conversion from Sharekhan TT 2 MS in offline mode


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I got it -

Step 1
Download the MetaStock-11 "DownLoader" symbol file program.

Step 2
Open DownLoader, click "Tools," then click "Convert."

Step 3
Select "Excel" as the source file type, and enter the location of the .XLS file on the hard disk. (Here save the EOD exported .csv file as .xls file with coloumns as date,time(blank),O,H,L,C,Volume(Rename quanity coloumn as Volume)) and Delete extra coloumns.

Step 4
Set the destination file to "MetaStock" and leave the file name blank.

Step 5
Click "Options," "Destination," "Append Data to End of File," and "Replace Matching Dates", "Include open & Open Interest"

Step 6
Click the "Create New Files" check box

Step 7
Click "OK," then click "OK" again. File conversion will begin, saving the MetaStock folders in the MetaStock file location on your computer.

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