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Hi All,
Few days back, there have been some major changes made on NSE Site (From Programmer view). All previous versions (before v5) of NSE Tracker will not work because of these changes. I have re-written most part of the code and released NSE Tracker v5.1. I have added some good functionality which will make the software very friendly to use.
Now the refresh time is reduced to 1 Min. Data displayed is not real time but its just old by about 1-2 min.

New Features:
 Added new search engine which is extremely efficient.

 Now you remove any scrip directly from DataGridView by simply right click and selecting remove.

 Right click on any scrip either from DataGridView or CheckedListBox and select NSE Intraday Graph. It will get data directly from NSE Site for that particular day and display it for selected scrips.

 You can even monitor through Candlestick Graph. This will be generated locally.

 You can select Yearly Graph from DataGridView or CheckedListBox and view candlestick graph from Jan, 2008. I have added data from Jan, 2008. In case user wants to get older data then they can download it manually through download button.

 You can left click on taskbar icon of NSE Tracker and view the current value scrips displayed in datagridview.

Refresh time is reduced drastically. It gets the data extremely fast as compared to previous versions.
Automatically generates ASCII Files which compatible with Metastock software:
NSE Tracker automatically generates ASCII Files for each Scrips and stores it in Metastock ASCII Files Folder. Every day it automatically downloads data for earlier days and appends the value to its corresponding scrips present in MetaStock ASCII Files folder. If users views yearly graph for any scrips, it will show data till last working days.

For Metastock users:
It will generates binaries which is readable by Metastock softwares. Users just have to direct path to C:\Program Files\Manav\NSE Tracker\Temp in Metastock. Whenever new data arrives, NSE tracker updates ASCII Files as well as Metastock compatible files.

you can visit my blog to post your valuable suggestion or else you can download the file from here.

My Blog

Download from site

Any suggestion are always welcome. Thank you.


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Manav Ji Namaste,

Thx for u r greate software, installed and working very good,

can you provide me metastock download link....

i will thank full for you are help..
For metastock software, you need to download from net. Or i have seen in this forum where they have provided the link for metastock. You can search for it here.
hi manvendra, sounds like you are good with programing,i was wandering if you can help me, im thinking of buying hsquote to download free data from trialing it at the moment but cant get my metastock 8.0 to link with it can you help.thanks regards tony.
Migration from V5 to V6:There is lot of modification done on code as well as on features level.

Major Changes:NSE Tracker users might have experienced slowness or NSE Tracker becomes unresponsive during update of data. This is due to single threaded application. All the work of download and update etc was handled by one thread. Thats the reason NSE Tracker becomes unresponsive. In v6, multi-threading has been implemented. So during upload of data, system will not become unresponsive.
Due to multi-thread, download of data is extremely fast compared to earlier version as job of download is divided among multiple threads. Multiple threads are in parallel downloading the data. So user will notice better performance and increased speed.

NSE Tracker now supports FUTURES too:In v6, the support for FUTURES have been added. Now user can select scrip from futures list as well as scrip from Equity list simultaneously. Data will be displayed in same DataGridView. For each scrip selected for FUTURE, there will be 3 rows displayed as <scrip name> (F1), <scrip name> (F2), <scrip name> (F2). There is column for expiry date and underlying value which will be empty for equity scrips. The user can view intraday graph, options table for any future scrips.

Better Search engine:Now user doesnt have to move the mouse to select the scrip. Put any text in search field. Matching scrip will be highlighted in CheckedListBox. If this is the one user was looking for, he just have to press Enter to select/deselect.

Column to display the exact time of data:A new column Time/Date is added. It displays the time stamp at which data has been taken for scrip. So user will come to know the total delay of time to display the data. The data is delayed maximum by 2-3 min.

Reorder or resize columns, select/unselect columns according to your choice:Now user can move the columns, reduce/increase its size according to his/her convenience. If user doesnt want particular column to be displayed, he/she can do that too. When NSE Tracker is opened next time, the previous settings will be restored.

Display of exact time to refresh the page:The user can know when the page is going to refresh as it displays the number of seconds remaining to refresh page.

Manage your shares:You can enter the price and quantity of shares bought in columns Buy Value and Quantity. It will display total profit/loss user is making.

Alert Facility:You can put high and low alert. It will pop a message when user set target has been achieved.

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To know more about this software and to Download, click here.


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