Daily calls based on buy previous day high short sell previous day low


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Dear Avd Sir,
I am very new to stock market
and Just got registered at traderji.com
C your thread find it very nice for new one's
I will back test it can u tell me from where I can get historical data

or any 1 here pls. help me where can i get historical data of any stock
means day by day
NSE website
about satyam

hi all
i recive a call about satyam satyam tutne wala h aur 35-40 aa jaiga
Its a hoax call.
There are good report for satyam. Infact there might be a merger of Mahindra and Satyam as a single company which will shoot the price.
Check out this news :
Dear friends

I used this strategy and traded for 10 days it is not consistent profit making method.my account washed out.I used in equity margin intra day trading.

After that I followed camarilla pivot method it also not consistent. But some guys telling these method making good returns.in reality it fails.

Below methods are i used for intra day.
1.dhiraj 2652
4.buy on pre.day high and sell on pre.day low
5.gann square
Among all these using method I lost rs.370000. But I feel using gann square is good than others.using gann I break even in one month trading.I got only rs.525 as profit after brokerage(18525earned 18000 brokerage because lot of failed trades).
Almost I am dispointed.

I am also looking for good strategy.

Have a nice day.


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