Crudeoil Intradday Trades based on GANN Square 9 Strategy

I take open price in Crude for calculating GANN 9. Open price means not the price shown in terminal as opening price, but to watch the price at open time. Wait for seconds, the price will stable. Take that price. I just blindly follow GANN 9, and uses a live chart to track the trend. Some times 2 SL hits. Some times we get 59 point profit. Overall i am getting 200-300 point profit per months (some times it goes to 100-200).
Hi, Can you share some link from where a totally ignorant person can learn ad understand the very basics of Gann square of 9 !?
Can you share some insight of your own experience !?

Did you use it only on Crude or any other stock, cocommodity or index? How did it fare?

Whats the returns like in your trades in past few years? Do you use EOD rates to generate levels?

Sorry for so many queries, the number is big but queries are small! :p
There's no basics in GANN 9. I just use it. You can use the GANN 9 with Crude Mini to know how it works (watch for 1 month ). I not used GANN with any other commodity or stocks. No GANN is for intraday only, use open price.
2872 is as per ODIN but Arun has mentioned not to take ODIN value..... so reply from Arun is awaited....
otherwise, light2001 ur values are right...lets see how it goes today buddy

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