crest Communication another multibagger

Hello Friends,

Check out Crest Communication, its a multibagger at this price level also. Its expected to touch 500 in next 2-3 months. Its a sure shot.


What is the reasoning for the price of Crest Animation to touch 500 i 2 - 3 months time? Is it a case of take over? Today the Company has clarified to BSE that there is no proposal of a stake sale.

Also the fundamentals do not justify such a huge run-up.

Does anyone know of any other reason for the run-up. However, Traderji may kindly say what the Charts tell?

I also think the going to hit 500 in 2-3 months. The charts are not so promising ...But it is always a good buy at 98-100 level. Please advice.



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I am it Crest communication or crest animation??i found out crest animation not crest comm.Also the CMP is around 165-170..........So where from 98-100 level comes up?????????pls explain..............
Hello All,

Though I dont have an internal idea per se, but as updated to me, the company is a take over target and with its exposure to animation industry, the company is being rerated.
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Please tell what the charts say for Crest Animation. It has had a dream run. Even at 80/-, when it was recommended, I did not buy as the fundamentals were not so fascinating. The company is hardly making any profits.

There were rumours that a big finance company which has announced some take overs and is interested in increasing its presence in the entertainment industry is interested in this counter. Bond0008, is this the Company that is targeting Crest Animation.

Thanks in advance

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