Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?


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AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine study paused after one illness

Late last month, AstraZeneca began recruiting 30,000 people in the US for its largest study of the vaccine. It also is testing the vaccine, developed by Oxford University, in thousands of people in Britain, and in smaller studies in Brazil and South Africa.

New York: Late-stage studies of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine candidate are on temporary hold while the company investigates whether a recipient's "potentially unexplained" illness is a side effect of the shot. In a statement issued on Tuesday evening, the company said its "standard review process triggered a pause to vaccination to allow review of safety data".

AstraZeneca didn't reveal any information about the possible side effect except to call it "a potentially unexplained illness".

The health news site STAT first reported the pause in testing, saying the possible side effect occurred in the United Kingdom. An AstraZeneca spokesperson confirmed the pause in vaccinations covers studies in the US and other countries.



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Corona cases now about 54 lakhs
About 1 lakhs new cases every day

Mudi Govt. failed miserably for containing Corona spread
Mudi should rejin.
This is not a govt isue. Basically the citizens were unable to follow the instructions properly. People didnt have food for more than a couple of days in their house. Lockdowns were rendered useless ,in some areas. The spread continued.
Its almost likely that the pandemic is over in Indian cities, maybe towns and villages are dealing with it. But that would be over soon.
Literally, there is no need of a vaccine for the general public, only the elderly / low-immune persons might require the vaccine.

The current strain seems to be just like a 1- 2 day fever and a cough for half a day. Some dont get those symptoms, either.


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Along with global stock markets, global COVID-19 cases have come down together, in the past 3 days:


Daily new cases (in thousands);
USA => 43 -> 33 -> 32

India => 93 -> 87 -> 74
Brazil => 31 -> 16 -> 15

Global trends not only in stock market but also in corona market .. lol :DD:DD

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