Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

Since 2nd Aug, corona cases have gradually gone up from 60k a day to 87k a day. But strangely corona deaths are capped at 1000 per day! The chart looks like table top mountain
Soon the public will also realize that with proper precautions and care, it is not a very fatal disease. Maybe then the fear psychosis will lessen.


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Soon the public will also realize that with proper precautions and care, it is not a very fatal disease. Maybe then the fear psychosis will lessen.
My thinking is that such flat result day after day is only possible due to lesser reporting! Or younger population is catching corona that’s y its not deadly.


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About 20-25 per cent patients cured of COVID-19 have little or no antibodies against coronavirus: AIIMS-Patna

Dr Kumar told a newspaper that the level of IgG was low in those suffering from mild symptoms or asymptomatic cured patients. However, IgG levels spiked in recovered patients with more critical, severe and moderate symptoms.

“Several studies conducted by scientists and researchers also revealed the same in their research,” added Dr Kumar.

“Immune response that produces antibodies to protect against the virus is high in people, who are more infectious to the disease. Secondly, some people have recovered before the ideal time (28 days) for the development of antibody after cessation of symptoms. Lastly, the IgG level depends on the immune system of individuals. So, the cured asymptomatic and mild symptoms patients need to be careful, because of chances of reinfection,” he said as he underlined three possible reasons behind the difference in antibody level observed in cured patients.


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Covid-19: Antibodies may not stop transmission in children
Some children may have the potential to transmit the coronavirus disease, or Covid-19, even if they have measurable antibodies in their system, said a new study that indicated immune response, by itself, may be inadequate to protect children from the pandemic.

The study, conducted by doctors at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC and published in The Journal of Paediatrics on Thursday, analysed 6,369 children tested for Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and 215 children who underwent antibody testing between March 13 and June 21. Out of this, 33 showed the presence of both virus and antibodies at the same time.

Researchers from the Children’s National Hospital found patients between 6 and 15 took longer to clear the virus (median time of 32 days) compared to patients between 16 and 22 (median time of 18 days). In the study, women in the 6-15 group took longer to clear the virus (44 days) than males (25.5 days for males). “The takeaway here is that we can’t let our guard down just because a child has antibodies or is no longer showing symptoms,” said Bahar.
Lots of corona news today :

Let’s get real. No vaccine will work as if by magic, returning us to ‘normal’

90% of China's Sinovac employees, families took coronavirus vaccine, says CEO

China shows off Covid-19 vaccines for first time

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