contract notes in commmodity trading-mcx india

i recently started trading in mcx india on line commodity trading
i have some doubts regarding contract notes, can somebody guide me
1) some of the contract notes sent to me by post were not in chronological order, but at the same time when contract note is down loaded from the trader back office, found them in chronological order. however the trades mentioned in both the contract notes are same.
2) a specimen of the contract note:
order nos trade nos time
a) 131234000971099 790894 22:07:40
b) 131234000955359 777358 21:58:33
_____________________ __________ __________
difference is : 15,740 13,536
_____________________ __________
see for one order no. there can be multiple trade nos and in such a case the difference between the trade nos should not be less than the difference between order nos i.e the difference in trade nos should be more than 15,740
please guide me


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