Configuring Amibroker

I have Amibroker 5.4

I tried to play around and configure it myself but I donot understand anything about it :confused:. I would request someone to do the same for me and help me setup the system so that I am able to generate buy-sell signals for stocks in Nifty and Sensex.

Alternatively if someone cud help me in setting up a similar professional setup in Excel, that would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance. :)
Dear sankyp,try this i found this on net. This should solve your problem otherwise let me know




First of all make a new database folder. Go to c > program files > amibroker.
Make a new folder here (inside the folder ‘amibroker’). Name it as “00 my
database” (you can choose any name). Now open amibroker program. Go to file
> new > database > browse > (here show the empty folder 00 my database) >
open > create. Ok


Now you have to import data. Paste the folder 00DSEDATA (the folder
containing your csv files) in anywhere in your hard drive, better avoid
c drive. In this way u can save it from accidental crash and consequent
formatting c drive.


************IMPORT ASCII:****************

Open amibroker. Go to file > import ascii > ( here open the folder 00DSEDATA
select all files by pressing ctrl+A ) > set your file type as default ascii
or yahoo's csv > open. Done.

If you are importing data from a csv file that is not like yahoo's one, you
have to use 'import wizard' for the first time. Then save the 'file type'
or 'file format', and use this format to import data via 'import ascii'.

Method of using import wizard: (do it only for the first time):

File > imprt wizard > pick files > browse to select your csv file > open >
next > set your columns according to the sample visible at the bottom of the
dialogue box. carefully set the date. Don't forget to skip first one line
if your csv file shows a row with 'headlines'. Usually we do not have any
headline-row, so carefully set it. > next > tick the check box to add
current settings to ascii importing definition (it will save your format).
Do not place tick mark if you do not want to save the format. > give a
format file name (like NEW3.format). Write the description (like NEW3). Do
not change the file-mask. > finish.

Your data is imported. From now on, you will see ''NEW3.format'' in
file-type box while import ascii. You can import your data (from this type
of csv files) by using this format via 'import ascii'.

I have made several format files. ddd.format, dsnap.format, sarimEOD.format,
sarimSNAP.format etc. Easy to recognize.
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