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    How to identify buy and sell signal

    Hi All, I am new here, kindly help me to understand that how can we judge for fake buy and sell signal in Amibroker.
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    Configuring Amibroker

    I have Amibroker 5.4 I tried to play around and configure it myself but I donot understand anything about it :confused:. I would request someone to do the same for me and help me setup the system so that I am able to generate buy-sell signals for stocks in Nifty and Sensex. Alternatively...
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    Trade Forex with me-10AM-130PM-4 hours per day

    Hello friends, From tomorrow onwards, I will post my trade levels here. You can trade these levels on Demo to gain confidence. Trading Rules are as follows: 1. Depending on your risk appetite, aggressive traders can keep a margin of 3 - 5 pips ( + /-) while entering and exiting the...
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    Metastock Expert Adviser - signal sending

    Hello, I want to know if it is possible to store a Expert Adviser Signal to a text file or may be send it any application.. Regards Vijairahul.J
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    Metastock explorer is providing incorrect MACD buy signal...

    Hi fellow Traders, I am using MS 9 EOD and it it giving wrong results in MS explorer. Metastock explorer is providing incorrect MACD buy signal... I manually checked India Infoline and it generated a buy signal as the MACD has crossed over it signal line but Metastock explorer is not providing...