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Am new to the field of tech analysis. Have been using Zerodha Pi, Marketcall and prior to that ET site for charting.

Have read post on Metatrader, Amibroker, Tradestation and understand that these are charting softwares and probably require seperate subscription for live data.

My query is as under
i) what are the benefits of using say Amibroker, Tradestation etc vis-a-vis Pi or any of the web based charting
ii) what is the apprx cost of acquiring the desktop software for Amibroker, Tradestation etc
iii) apprx cost of data feed / month
iv) it looks like indicators are not a part of the default program. Do these need to be purchased seperately

Thanks in advance
1)Tradestation is not for Indian Markets.
2)For Authentic Data providers check subscription from Globaldatafeeds or Neotradeanalytics
3)You dont need to purchase the AFL codes seperately. There are tons of open source afl codes around the Internet. And forums like traderji has tons of AFL and AFL experts around.
4)And Amibroker Pro Edition comes roughly around 339USD
Tks Rajandran for your feedback.

Is the charting experience, usability better on Amibroker vis-a-vis Zerodha Pi or any of the web based facility. What is your experience. True one can access already precoded AFL's for indicators, and try out different strategies which has already been coded. Was just trying to evaluate that is it worth the investment ie amibroker cost + monthly datafeed cost.

The amibroker licence is for 3 users - any idea if 3 people can together buy it or one can share it with others
Amibroker is quite an established platform with a lot of users around... That is a big plus....for data... U may evaluate master trust broking account which comes with ami broker data as well

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