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Hi all !

Currently i am using icharts which are java based. I would like to know which are the paid charts/software available in the market other than amibroker metacafe in which i can suppose save all f&o scrips according to particular time frame and no of days data and can scroll all at once means single setting apply to all charts and change when i change to all.

Full time trader kindly suggest. Thanks

Greek Trend Trader by Greeksoft is one of a kind charting software which not only helps us back test, scan and print signals but also executes the desired strategy automatically.

With GTT now create your own strategies using simple and easy to use strategy/logic designing language, Define your entry and exit parameters using technical as well as quantitative parameters. Backtest your strategy's financial & statistical result aided by superlative charting tool with latest technical indicators and studies.

  • Auto execution based on built strategies
  • Multiple strategy execution.
  • Customizable strategies.
  • Backtest strategy results.
  • Strategy Trade pointers on Chart for easy analysis
  • Charting tool with 100's of technical indicators and studies
  • Multiple Charts windows
  • Live Strategy Scanner
You can visit their website : or call them for a demo.

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